Meet Margaret

This post was originally written on March 11, 2017.

Hi, I’m Margaret.

I’m writing this post because today is the day that I let With Unveiled Face go live for all to see, so I thought it would be nice for me to introduce myself and tell you something about my little corner of the internet.

To begin, I’ll be very up front with you: this blog is not about me. It’s about you. It is very decidedly for you. I’m going to deliberately leave you in the dark about some (many) details of my story, because this blog is not meant to be a place for you to get to know me.  I want this to always be first and foremost a place where you encounter Jesus, where you get to know Him, get to trust Him, and come to hear His voice in your life more clearly. It is only through this encounter with Christ that your heart can be healed, my friend, so I pray that you’ll be open to it.

That being said, here are some things that might be helpful for you to know:

  1. This blog is basically my notes on my journey of healing and restoration in Christ. Along the way I’ll be sharing some of my story with you, as well as the tools and resources that I have found helpful.
  2. I am Catholic, and my intention in everything is to always be 100% faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. If I ever say anything that deviates from that however slightly, you have my word that I do not mean it and I will take it back without hesitation.
  3. Because this blog is for you, and because I’m surrendering it into Jesus’ hands and asking Him to work through it however He wishes, I’m deliberately not going to be too fussy with style, sentence structure, etc. I also will probably not spend too much time searching for images to go with my posts. Beautiful literature is one very powerful and important way that we can encounter God, but it’s not what He’s calling me to create here. So with St. Paul I am, “resolved to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”
  4. Margaret is not my real name.

“Wait,” you’re asking yourself. “If you tell everyone you’re using a pen name….doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a pen name?” Well, maybe, maybe not. Here are my reasons for using a pen name (none of which are defeated by me telling you about it). (Side note: Random fact about me #1 – I really like lists.)

  1. To protect my identity and the identity of my family and friends.
  2. The name Margaret is very meaningful to me. (See below)
  3. I want to be invisible here. Again, this is a place for you and Jesus to find one another. I am just the instrument, the vessel, the little pencil in His Hand. Using a pen name helps me remember that here I am to get out of the way and let Jesus work. I want you to think of Margaret simply as proof that healing can happen. That you can get through whatever you’re going through and be happy and alive and free on the other side. The details of my personal life (like my real name) are irrelevant because this is about you.
  4. Because I can. So there.

“Okay, but why the name Margaret?” How lovely of you to ask, dear reader! I was just about to tell you! Do you really want to know? Really?! Great! I’ll tell you!

I was a novice in a cloistered Carmelite monastery for a year and a half, after which time I discerned that it was not my vocation. During the time I was there, however, I received the Carmelite Habit and a religious name – Sr. Teresa Margaret of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

When I decided this morning that today would be the day for the blog to go live, I was happily confirmed in that decision when I remembered that today is the Feast of St. Teresa Margaret, for whom I was named. (though most Carmelites celebrate her Feast on Sept. 1 because March 11 is always during Lent)

Besides being named Margaret for a short time in religious life, the name holds another meaning even deeper and dearer to my heart. Margaret comes from the Latin word, “Margarita” – pearl. When Jesus speaks of the pearl of great price in the Gospel, it is translated, “Pretiosa Margarita” – precious pearl.

This is my identity in Christ. I am His Precious Pearl, His treasure, the delight of His heart, the one He gladly gave up everything for, the one He rejoices in. 

So much of healing revolves around coming to stand in this identity, coming to really believe it and live from it. So when I’m writing to you here, I want to write to you always as Margaret, always as a woman who knows who she is – precious, chosen, and beloved.

So, now you know! I hope my words will be a source of life and encouragement for you. Please do introduce yourself in the comments or shoot me an email and let me know how I can be praying for you!


PS – All prayer intentions I receive through this blog will be passed on to my Sisters in Carmel. Bonus points for you! 🙂


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