Jesus, My Only Good

“Without you, what am I to myself but the leader of my own destruction? What am I, when all is well with me, except one sucking your milk and feeding on you, the incorruptible food? What manner of a man is any man, since he is but a man? Let the strong and mighty laugh us to scorn, and let us, the weak and needy, confess ourselves to you.”

– St. Augustine, Confessions

Jesus, you are my Only Good. No matter what good things I have or do, I have nothing if I have not you. I will not rely on the ways and wisdom of this world. I will not look to myself for security and provision. I will trust in you, Jesus. I will trust you to take care of me, to provide for me, to honor all my good desires and bring them to their greatest fulfillment. I will trust you to prosper the work of my hands, even when things begin to feel impossible, even when it seems like you won’t come through. I will wait on you, Lord, with a humble, expectant heart, eager to see what marvels you will do, and unafraid to be vulnerable enough to share my fears and worries with you who love me so intimately.

And when things go well, Lord, when I am honored and recognized and affirmed, help me to remember that you, Jesus, you are my Only Good, and the Source of all the good that is in me. I did not create myself; every lovely and delightful thing about me comes from your loving hand. I will praise you, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I did not make myself. It was you who dreamed me up and loved me into being. Thank you, Jesus. I love you, Jesus. Praise you, Jesus. May your Name be forever blessed. Amen.


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