Tools for Healing: Be Healed & Healing the Whole Person by Dr. Bob Schuchts

For those of you who are just getting started on your healing journey, or maybe those who have been on the road for awhile but are starting to feel stuck or not sure what’s next, I wanted to share a few of the tools for healing that God has used in my life, in case they might be helpful to you, too.

The first resource I would point anyone to would be the book Be Healed by Dr. Bob Schuchts, and his corresponding conference, Healing the Whole Person.

The talks and the book are organized differently but they cover the same topics: the wholeness we are all called to in Christ, facing and finding healing for our brokenness, the true meaning and value of suffering in union with Christ, the importance of the Sacraments, knowing and affirming our gifts, and living in freedom.

I recently had the opportunity to dive into these two gold mines as part of a group study hosted by a healing and deliverance ministry in my Diocese. Forgive me for slipping into millenial-speak but, I am SO passionate about sharing this message, you guys! If I had a million dollars I would buy the materials for every person I know. In fact, since going through this process, I have started setting aside part of my monthly giving money to give the materials as gifts to friends who are ready for them.

The materials are so comprehensive that they make a perfect starting point for someone who  is just beginning to wonder whether the Lord is inviting them to greater healing and freedom in life. However, I will tell you that this program was actually my transition out of my formal “healing stage” in life. I took the class immediately after finishing a year in counseling to help me transition back into life “on my own”. Man oh man am I ever glad that I did!

The counselor that I had been working with is a wonderful protestant woman who incorporates healing and deliverance prayer into her practice. Through praying with her, I received tremendous healing and made progress by leaps and bounds. I thought when I finished with her that everything was really pretty much wrapped up – which it was, to a certain extent. But I was so happily astounded to find how much deeper and more full my understanding of healing became when I looked at it from a distinctly Catholic perspective through these materials. Additionally, the class gave me the tools I needed to be able to continue the lifelong journey of healing and restoration so that now, when things come to the surface, I know how to handle them – and if I don’t, I know where to find a community of “real” people (not paid professionals) who can help me work it out.

So, wherever you’re at in your journey, please please please don’t miss out on the great gift the Holy Spirit has given to the Church in these resources.

You can purchase the book, workbook, and recorded conference talks here on the John Paul II Healing Center website. If you’re interested, you can also click here to see a listing of dates and locations for the Healing the Whole Person conference and other healing events hosted by the JP II Healing Center. Finally, if you just want to get your toes wet first, please stop by the JP II Healing Center Blog. Right now they’ve got a whole bunch of excerpts up from Dr. Bob’s latest book Be Transformed which covers in depth the significance of the Sacraments in our healing.

Okay, that’s my two cents on that! Have any of you worked with these resources already? What was your experience? Any words of encouragement for those who might still be on the fence?



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