Angel of God, my guardian dear…

It might be too soon to tell, but I’m pretty sure this video is going to end up on the list of “YouTube videos that changed my life” (don’t laugh, you know you have that list, too). I just watched it yesterday, but my goodness – the Lord had his hand on that because this truth has radically changed my perspective and opened up brand new horizons for me in my spiritual life.

How important it is, in the battles we daily face to stand in our true identities as children of God, to take advantage of all the help we can get – and how sad that we often feel so very alone and helpless in the face of life’s Goliaths. Brothers and sisters, we are not alone! You, dear heart, have a spiritual being who knows you, loves you, was created for the explicit purpose of being your guide and companion through all of life – and who you will get to meet more intimately one day in heaven.

The thought that came to me after watching this video was, “In the family of God, we have siblings.” There’s no such thing as an only child in God’s family. Not only do we have the angels and the Saints in heaven on our side, but we also have, as St. Peter reminds us, our fellow Christians throughout the world, to whom we are truly united in one body, who undergo the same sufferings that we do (1Peter 5). You and I are flesh and blood, my friend! So let us take heart. We are in exile here on earth, true, but we are exiles together, and that makes a world of difference, don’t you think?


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